Turning off iCloud document storage

This is a quick tutorial to show you how to turn off iCloud drive storage if you’ve accidentally turned it on. Why would you do this? Perhaps you’ve decided that you’re not comfortable storing documents in Apple’s cloud, or perhaps you’ve hit your storage limit and you don’t want to pay to increase the storage available to you in iCloud. If you do want to purchase more iCloud storage, see the tutorial here. If you just want to learn more about iCloud, you can visit Apple’s home for iCloud support.

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Determine domain controllers for a particular AD domain

This is one of those things that you might need to only ever do once in a blue moon. The command is straightforward:

nltest /dclist:eu.emory.edu

The information comes from this site right here. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to share their knowledge!

OSX – Convert a screen capture video to animated gif

Need to convert a screen capture video on OSX to an animated gif? Sure you do. Take a look at this article: https://gist.github.com/dergachev/4627207 .

There are some helpful comments also —I had excellent results following the suggestion in the comments from thom-nic.

Additional tools:

  1. Install Brew on OSX.
  2. Record your screen with QuickTime Player.

Using WordPress as a blog teaching tool

This is the long version of my notes for the presentation that I gave, along with Jennifer Romig, at the 2016 CALI Conference on June 16, 2016.

This is an overview of the way that we have configured WordPress at Emory Law for our Advanced Legal Writing – Blogging and Social Media Course. The course was taught in the spring 2015 and spring 2016 semesters. It was co-taught by Professor Jennifer Romig and myself. Each time, we had approximately 20 students in the class. Here’s an outline of the steps that we followed.


There are also some slides for the presentation: Slides – Using WordPress as a blog teaching tool .

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Attributing Flickr Creative Commons content

What is the proper way to attribute content from Flickr that is available under a CC license? Here’s a summary, based on CC-recommended best practices for attribution. We are going to do it manually, without the aid of plug-ins, bookmarklets, or other fancy tools so that you can see how this works. You may be able to use other tools like photopin to reduce the amount of work required.

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Creating a Gravatar (and a WordPress.com account)

This article shows you how to create a gravatar – a “globally recognized avatar,” as well as a WordPress account. Gravatar is a free service that displays your photo on WordPress-powered sites. Given that 25% of the web uses WordPress, this is a neat feature. If you are a developer, it’s also easy for you to access gravatars from your own site.

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