Miscellany: faster rdc connections, better fonts, vdi

Faster RDC/RDP connections from Linux
Take a look at grdc rather than tsclient or rdesktop for your RDC connection needs from Linux. It’s really nice and includes VNC support as well as RDC. It is relatively easy to install from Ubuntu. Send me a note if you want details.

Improving font display on Ubuntu
This is another one of those areas where there is far too much black magic required to make the display look good. Font tweaking in Ubuntu is managed via a file called “.fonts.conf”, placed in the user’s home directory. Get a nice walk-through and step-by-step instructions from the masterplan blog. It makes a huge difference in the way that text appears on my X31 running Crunchbang (which is an Ubuntu variant for older machines).

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Given the ease with which one can set up virtual machines under VMWare’s ESXi product, it sometimes seems easier to set up multiple virtual desktops rather than to configure Terminal Services. I’ve been looking a variety of ways to tackle this. You can see some bookmarks here. This has got me thinking about 2X ThinClientServer again. We’ve got a 20 client license for the older version and it’s tempting to try another deployment.


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