Windows: send smaller photos automatically

Sometimes you want to send a picture from a Windows PC via email. I know, the modern way to do this is to use Flickr or Picasa or Facebook. However, sometimes it’s still easier to send your pictures via old-fashioned email. The problem, of course, is that today’s modern cameras create very large files and there is no particularly intuitive way to re-size them so that you can email them to your Grandma.

Shrink Pic is a nice little utility application that neatly solves this problem. Once installed, it sits in the taskbar. When it detects that you are trying to attach an image file to a web form or that you are using an image file in your email program, it automatically and transparently shrinks the image to a much more reasonable size for email. You can right-click on the program’s taskbar icon to determine how much it compresses photos and to set a few other preferences.

Shrink Pic inconspicuously solves one of life’s little headaches. The program is freeware and is available at:


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