Awfully quiet, I know… take a look at our MythTV project

It’s been very busy here at the law school as we’ve been welcoming our latest class. As a result, I haven’t had a chance to put anything in the blog lately.

One of the big projects we’ve been working on at work is the deployment of a scalable MythTV infrastructure for recording classroom lectures. Read all about it at this page: . The page includes plenty of discussion about cameras, configuration, screen-shots, etc.

None of this is original to us – well, except for some Python that glues together our enterprise scheduling application and Myth and a script to save the rather unique capture stream from the Sony cameras we’re using, but it’s been a great project. We are very much looking forward to expanding it to more than one classroom. If you’re interested in more of the random bits of other things that I’ve been working on, you can take a look here: .

I always forget that I have a love-hate relationship with wiki mark-up and wikis in general. However, I’m pretty pleased with this one – it runs MoinMoin and allows me to painlessly post bits of Python. Being python-centric, it also allows for using Restructured Text as a text mark-up format, which is handy.

More soon, I promise!


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