Getting a Motorola Droid to use a Freedom Universal 2 Bluetooth Keyboard

Android, KeyPro and Bluetooth keyboards

Last week I wrote about my exposure to the KeyPro drivers for Bluetooth keyboards and Android. Since that time, I have continued to play with this concept, and KeyPro has released (at least) two driver upgrades, which you can download from the Android Market. The current version, which I loaded today, is 1.06.08. And it just keeps getting better. I have to be honest. I really struggled to get this working. But, when I did, I discovered that it is drop dead simple and it works wonderfully.

This article includes the key piece that I needed to get my Freedom Universal 2 keyboard working with my Motorola Droid: “Then press the Scan button next to the Keyboard Address field. It will give you a blank screen. Hit the menu key and choose Discovery.” Somehow, in my reading about the KeyPro driver, I completely missed the required hit the menu and choose discovery step. I was leaving the device sitting at the blank screen. Anyway, it now works quite well. I imagine I’ll pay the $9.95 for the KeyPro driver as the Droid screen is good enough to use for meeting note-taking, etc.

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