A little bit of Python: copy files, parsing a tab-delimited file

Inside the cable car museum
Image by benjamin.chapman via Flickr

Here’s our little snippet of Python for the week. We need to rename some jpeg files from the cryptic emplid.jpg form supplied by the parking office to something a little easier for humans to parse, like Chapman_Ben.jpg. Here’s one way to do it, assuming that you’ve already managed to generate a list of emplid to name mappings by querying a database or Excel spreadsheet or what have you.

#!/usr/bin/env python
Ben Chapman - Thu Oct 21 15:51:49 EDT 2010

Super basic script to rename some files
from emplid.JPG to Lastname_Firstname.jpg

Directory is full of *.JPG files and a file, dumped from a
database query, called 'names.txt'.

It has the following layout:

    234123323tPark Smith,Jasonn
    222222222tVon Trapp Family,Singern

We want to copy from 2222222222.JPG to Von_Trapp_Family_Singer.jpg


import shutil
DEBUG = False

names = open('names.txt','rb').readlines()
# Dump the header row
names = names[1:]

for name in names:
    # Split on tabs
    oldname,newname = name.split('t')
    # Get rid of trailing newline if present
    newname = newname.rstrip()
    # Commas to underscores
    newname = newname.replace(',','_')
    # Spaces to underscores
    newname = newname.replace(' ','_')
        # shutil.copyfile will fail if original file
        # doesn't exist, so wrapped in a try block.
        if DEBUG:
            print "oldname: %s newname: %s" % (oldname, newname)
            shutil.copyfile(oldname + '.JPG',newname+'.jpg')
    except IOError:
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