When the Ax Man Cometh – rethinking higher ed Web/IT

Over the weekend, I watched an interesting video inteview on higheredlive. See the video link after the break. It’s a video from Seth Odell and Mark Greenfield on the coming “flattening” of higher education web development and, by extension, higher education IT staffs. You can also take a look at Mr. Greenfield’s preview of his argument over here: http://www.markgr.com/axeman/ . There are lots of good links in his post. Both his post and the highered video are well  worth the time of anyone pondering the future of higher ed IT and his or her place within it.


So, when we think about our jobs:

  1. Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
  2. Can a computer do it faster?
  3. Am I offering something in demand in the age of abundance?

[Dan Pink, A Whole New Mind, quoted in http://www.markgr.com/axeman/]

Many thanks to Mr. Odell and to Mr. Greenfield for an interesting discussion.

What do you think, especially with regard to our jobs in law school IT?


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