Adding the Shared Folders MMC snap-in to Windows XP

Shows how to customize the Windows XP MMC to add support for managing Shared folders. This is really old-hat, but I thought I would write it up anyway, as it’s something that comes up periodically. Note that these instructions are written from the perspective of using a Windows XP SP3 workstation to manage a Windows 2003 R2 server – this may or may not be relevant to new versions of Microsoft’s operating systems.


Start up MMC (Microsoft Management Console


Start > Run > “MMC” > OK

Customize MMC by adding Shared Folder management


Click on File
Click on Add/Remove Snap-in

Select appropriate snap-in


Make sure the Standalone tab is selected.
Click Add.
Select Shared Folders
Click Add

Choosing options for console


When you click “Add”, it will display this options dialog.
In this case, I have chosen to manage a remote server and not this computer.
Once you have chosen the options you want, click “Finish”, then “Close”, then “OK”

Verifying functionality


Verify that you see the resources that you expected to see.
This console gives you the ability to manage Shares, Sessions, and Open Files on the server.

Checking share permissions


Choose Shares under Shared Folders.
Right click on the share that you want to check.
Click on Properties.
Review share permissions.

Customizing the MMC


The original idea of the Microsoft Management Console was that people would use the snap-in architecture to customize and create consoles of just the tools that they used.
The screenshot is one example of this. The Shared Folders snap-in has been inserted twice, pointing at two different servers. Also, if you click File > Save As, you can save the console for re-use. As you can see above, I’ve saved this console as “BJCShareMan”. It’s accessibile under Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > BJCShareMan.msc.


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