Liferay101: Putting under version control

Jason Knight and I are beginning to move towards implementing a production Liferay 6.0 Enterprise system. In this series of posts called “Liferay101”, I’ll document some of the steps that we are taking as Liferay newbies as we work towards completing this project.

One of the first things that we need to do is to put the all-important file under version control. The file controls most of the “run-time” customization of Liferay. There is some conflict as to the proper location of the file. We’ve chosen to follow Rich Sezov’s guidance in the Liferay Administration Guide and we’ve installed one level above the Tomcat application server’s home directory.

As we expect to be making significant changes to this file during this project, we need to place it under version control to make sure that we can recover from any mistakes that we make while editing it. At this point, this is the only file that needs to be under version control. The University provides us with a Subversion server, so that’s what we’re going to use for this project. Subversion is a directory oriented file management system, so we’re going to use it slightly differently. I’ve followed the excellent guidance in this article: “Version control of single files using Subversion” to configure subversion control of just a single file:

cd /opt/liferay-portal-6.0-ee-sp1
svn mkdir https://<our svn server>/repos/emorylaw/liferay_conf
svn co https://<our svn server>/repos/emorylaw/liferay_conf .
svn add
svn commit

This commits the current version of the file to the repository. From now on, whenever we want to work on the file, we can do something like this:

  • Check the status of the file to make sure that it’s the same as the version on the server: svn status
  • Assuming that the status is the same, make our edits to the file: vim
  • Commit the new changes to SVN server: svn commit

Of course, if it turns out there is an issue with our changes, we can revert to a previous version with “svn revert” and all of the other things that you can do with subversion.

Here are some other subversion resources:

Anyway, we hope this is helpful. Please let us hear from you if you have suggestions or comments. Stayed tuned for more Liferay101!


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