Getting an Adobe DRM-protected file from MacBook Air to Nexus 7

I love my MacBook Air. I’m also a fan of the Nexus 7. Recently, I wanted to read an Adobe DRM-protected ebook on the Nexus. It was more difficult than I expected to move the file from my MB Air to the Nexus. Here are the steps that I went through. Please let me know if you’re aware of an easier process. I have to confess that it made me really nostalgic for the way that this works with Kindle.

It took more work than I expected to get an Adobe DRM-protected ebook from my mac to my Nexus 7 tablet. Briefly, the steps are:

  1. Make sure book is authorized on Mac
  2. Make sure that you know your Adobe account information.
  3. Install Bluefire reader on the Nexus 7.
  4. Start up Bluefire and verify that it works.
  5. Download and install to enable Mac to Android transfers.
  6. Launch the file transfer app.
  7. Connect the Mac and the Nexus 7 via USB cable.
  8. In the Android File Transfer app, locate the Bluefire folder and imports sub-folder.
  9. Fire up Adobe Digital Editions.
  10. Locate the DRM-protected file and right-click on it and click on “Show File in Finder“. FileInFolder
  11. In the Finder, copy the file. Now paste the file into the Bluefire/imports/ folder in the Android File Transfer app.
  12. imports1That’s it. Whew! Let me know if there is an easier way to do this. There probably is another and better way to do it.

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