Powershell Tuesday

Here’s a Powershell one-liner (or two) for your Tuesday.

1. Imagine you have a file of NetIDs, one per line, and you would like to generate a CSV file of first names, last names, etc. from the file of NetIDs. Here’s how you do it:

get-content C:\Users\bjchapm\Documents\badnetids.txt | get-aduser -Properties Name,Givenname,Surname | select-Object Name,GivenName,Surname

2. Really quick-and-dirty (and not very correct) dump of all of the groups that a particular set of your users belong to:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$Users = get-ADUser -Filter {(objectCategory -eq "User") -and (Description -eq "Student:School of Law")} -Properties MemberOf,Name,FullName |Select-Object MemberOf,Name, FullName
foreach ($user in $Users) {
 $user.name, $user.fullname, $user.MemberOf

This will print out (to the console) each user name and the groups to which the user belongs. However, it’s clearly not the right way to do it… but, it worked for me.

Powershell is actually fun. 🙂


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