Recommended ISP for Atlanta?

A friend recently asked me for my recommended ISP for Atlanta, and this was my answer:

Right now, I think Comcast is the best, especially if I don’t have to deal with their customer support. But usually, it’s pretty much “set and forget” and it just works. Or at least I’ve always had much better success with Comcast than I ever did with AT&T. As for speed, that’s such a personal thing. I’ve never been obsessed with speed numbers and I stream a lot of Netflix. One thing you might want to do before you change ISP’s is to test the speeds in your house so that you have a current benchmark.

To test the speed, visit in a web browser and run the test; you may want to repeat it a couple of times to get an average. Mine is almost always right at 30Mbps down and 6Mbps up with a 9 ms ping latency. For watching movies, etc. the only really important number is download speed. I have an older internet-only plan with Comcast (“XFinity Internet”) and they charge me $67 per month. I bought my own Motorola modem for $70: . Otherwise, you can rent one from them for $9 a month or something.

Anyone else in Atlanta want to weigh in? Share your tips or thoughts in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Recommended ISP for Atlanta?

  1. A consumer warning in regards to purchasing used routers:

    Occasionally, individuals sell routers on the second-hand market that were previously property of an ISP company, but often do not disclose this information in the listing. If you happen to purchase one of these [technically stolen] routers and then attempt to use it with that specific company, the company will flag it and disallow use. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase used routers from a reputable seller, and/or ensure the seller has a refund policy in the event you discover that you are unable to use it with your ISP. Whether there are legal implications associated with buying one of these second-hand routers, I am not aware.

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