Configuring a Mac to print to law school network printers

This shows the steps to configure law school network printers on a recent version of Mac OSX. The law school print server is named It provides LPD printing support for Macs. “LPD” stands for “line printer daemon” and is just the name for the particular protocol that OSX-based computers commonly use to talk to network printers. You must enable LPD printing support on your Windows print server, although this is outside the scope of this brief tutorial.

Get the name for the printer to which you wish to connect


The LPD queue name is just the name of the printer. It is case-insensitive. This list of the law school network printers is current as of spring 2015. For purposes of this tutorial, assume that we want to be able to print to the faculty black and white laser printer that is part of the copy machines. The name of that printer is “LAW-FACULTY-BW”, as shown above.

Open Printers and Scanners from the System Preferences menu


Click on the Apple icon in the upper left-hand corner.
Click on System Preferences.
In System Preferences, click on Printers & Scanners

Setting up the printer (Step 1)


Click the “+” icon to add a new printer.

Setting up the printer (Step 2)

  1. Click on “IP” for internet protocol printer.
  2. Enter “” in the address field.
  3. Verify that Protocol says “Line Printer Daemon – LPD”.
  4. Enter the name of the printer as shown in the list of printers above. Case is not important, but spelling is critical.
  5. For “Name”, you can enter any helpful name. This is the name you will see when you go to select a print destination, so make it memorable.
  6. For “Location”, you can enter any helpful location, such as “Gambrell Faculty Workroom.”
  7. Click “Add” to actually add the printer to the system.

Setting up the printer (Step 3)


Assume that all of the law school network printers are capable of printing double-sided (“duplex”). A screen will pop up asking you to check a box if you have a printer that will print double-sided. Go ahead and check the box. Then click on OK. That should be it. The system will add the printer. Print a test page to verify that it works. Contact Emory Law IT if you have questions about this process.


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