Creating a Gravatar (and a account)

This article shows you how to create a gravatar – a “globally recognized avatar,” as well as a WordPress account. Gravatar is a free service that displays your photo on WordPress-powered sites. Given that 25% of the web uses WordPress, this is a neat feature. If you are a developer, it’s also easy for you to access gravatars from your own site.

Gravatar – Navigating to the site

Get started by visiting, which will (probably) redirect you to the English-language version of gravatar.

Gravatar -Click on the button to create your own Gravatar

Sign up for

As they say, “nothing in life is free”. In order to use the Gravatar service, you have to create or login to a WordPress account. If you do not yet have a account, you will be prompted to supply an email address, username, and password. Click the “Sign up –>” button to create the account.

Activation email

You should promptly receive an activation email.

Open the email and click the link to activate the Gravatar account

Open the email (don’t forget to check your spam folder if you don’t see it initially) and click on “Activate Account”.

Now that you’ve activated an account, you’re ready to add an image

This has actually created an account for you on

Later, you will use that account to create a blog at For now, you can do two things; (1) you can add additional email addresses, and (2) you can actually add the photo that will be your gravatar.

Gravatar – Example of adding an additional email

Here’s an example of adding an additional email. Don’t forget to click on the link in the confirmation email that you receive.

Gravatar – Adding images

Gravatar tries to make the process of adding an image as painless as possible.

You’ve got lots of options as to where to get the image that you want to connect to this gravatar.

For now, I’m just going to upload a new image.

Gravatar – Pick an image and upload it

Gravatar – Processing the uploaded image; final thoughts

Once uploaded, Gravatar will give you a chance to crop the photo as you can see below.

Standard Gravatar sizes are square. The standard small image is 80 pixels square. Larger images may go up to 150×150 or even higher. The maximum resolution is 2048×2048.

Why do you want to do this? Well, it’s all about the branding. Every time you comment on a WordPress site, your lovely gravatar will accompany you. Many WordPress themes also use Gravatars extensively, including the new default theme.

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Image: Liz West, GreyhoundCC BY 2.0 .