Mac Users: Save time with AutoText in Word 2016

This is a quick how-to to show you how to save precious minutes every day by using “AutoText” in Microsoft Word 2016

Word 2016 for the Mac

This how-to is written for Word 2016 for the Mac. The instructions may work for earlier versions but they were only tested on Word 2016 for the Mac.

To double-check the version, click on Word>About Word. Confusingly, Word 2016 is Version 15.xx internally. ┬áThis is what you see if you are running Word 2016. If you are running version 14, then you are running Word 2011 and may wish to upgrade. If you’re a member of the Emory Law community, submit a request to and we will help you upgrade.

Let’s get started

Assume that you type this closing all the time and you want to save time in the future. We are going to select all of the text that we want to assign to an autotext entry. First, we’re going to turn on paragraph display so that we know exactly what we are selecting.

Turn on paragraph marks so you can see what you’re copying

On the Home menu, locate the paragraph symbol toggle and click it to display paragraph and other formatting marks. This will help you copy exactly what you want to copy. By the way, this is especially important if you want to copy the the formatting of a particular paragraph, as all of the formatting instructions are stored in the paragraph mark for the preceding paragraph.

Paragraph mark display is now turned on

Highlight the text and paragraph marks that you want to assign to an AutoText entry

This is just a matter of drag selecting the text that you want to assign to the AutoText entry.

Create the new AutoText entry

  1. Click on Insert.
  2. Click on AutoText.
  3. Click on New.

Enter the shortcut name for the AutoText entry

In this case, I chose “BJCSig”. Enter the text and then click on OK.

See it in action

Return to your document. Notice that, after you type the first few characters of the AutoText entry, a tooltip will pop up showing you what will be inserted into the document. Hit Tab or Enter as soon as the tooltip pops up to automatically insert the AutoText.


Every time you use this AutoText you save a few seconds. There are lots of ways to use this to increase your efficiency. If you made a mistake and need to edit or delete your entry, try Insert > AutoText > AutoText to get to a menu that allows you to edit or delete your AutoText entries. If you have other Office 2016 tips for your fellow ELS Mac users, let me know by sending a note to Thanks!


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