I’m now a LFCS

logo_lftcert_sysadminSo, I’m now a Spanish-speaking, law-talking, Linux-administering guy. On Friday, I sat for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam. The exam runs in the browser. On the left-hand side of the page are a set of questions and sub-questions. There are 25 questions in all and you’re allotted two hours in which to take the exam. On the right side of the page is  a terminal window that connects you to a virtual machine. You do all your work on the virtual machine. You get to choose whether to take the exam in a Redhat-like environment or in a Ubuntu/Debian style environment. Basically, you’re asked to fix or change or install or configure things and you do the assigned tasks and demonstrate that you know your way around the system.

I took the Redhat 7 version of the exam. It took every bit of the two hours to finish. I passed, but not by much. It was a really challenging exam and I was pretty wiped out by the time I finished.




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